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The Senses Novels


AURA: Book One - "The rising Darkness that threatens to engulf the world is vaguely described, but vividly depicted, with that creeping style of suspense and intrigue that few authors do well." - SPR One person given the ability to see the world as it really is and chosen before birth to stand against the darkness waiting to engulf us all. Blind since birth, but with the ability to see the life-force within all things, one man will battle impossible odds to save everything we hold dear. At once terrifying and inspiring in its implications. The war is real, and the final battle has already begun. A Christian Fiction novel that will give you a modern view of Revelations; Aura will take you to a dimension never before seen.“Highly engaging and fascinating story!” – 5 stars, Amazon reviewer


DULCET: Book Two - The epic battle for our survival continues. We are losing the hidden war between the forces of darkness and light. The existence of humanity is and always has been the focal point and the prize. The prelude to the final battle is now. Born deaf, Laya’s Song may be destined to change the course of the war. Like the others that have been chosen to stand in defense of our world, Laya’s handicap has somehow endowed her with a unique talent, an ability far exceeding anything that humanity has ever known. In this second installment of the Senses Novels, you will meet Laya, a young girl with almost unimaginable power. You are about to experience Laya’s life as she attempts to learn how to deal with her immense ability before, during and after an earth-shattering apocalyptic event.


TA'AM: Book Three - A child, a monk and an intelligent, hairy giant. Born in fire and raised in a nonhuman world by soulless creatures. Judith can travel instantly to any place on the planet and to any point in the past. She may very well be mankind’s last defense against the growing evil that threatens our survival. Now, as she travels across the globe and through a history steeped in myth, she desperately seeks the help she needs to aid her in the coming battle. The struggle is real, and the time is now. Reality is not what you think.


SYNESTHESIA: Book Four - The Best Selling Christian Fiction/Fantasy Series Continues! Is this the twilight of humanity? Death could not hold him. Now, his touch can heal, or it can destroy. He is a weapon fashioned by the very hand of God, and he is fighting for the survival of us all. Born into an age of brutality and miracles, Eli has been resurrected from the dead to begin the extraordinary life of an immortal. He has seen and been the cause of the rise and fall of some of humanity's greatest civilizations. Prepare yourself for an adventure through time, unlike anything you have ever experienced.


7EVENTH SENSE: Book Five - Twins who are not twins but are much more. Sumire and Violet will come face-to-face with the greatest threat our planet has ever known. Wracked by plague, famine, darkness, earthquake, and the death of an untold multitude, this world is home to two young tweens destined to become mankind’s last hope. Born continents apart and yet identical in every respect, Violet and Sumire will face our greatest nightmare. Alone and yet never alone, these two girls will find each other and defeat overwhelming odds to join the rest of our heroes in what may ultimately become humanity’s last stand.Get ready for a mind-bending adventure filled with non-stop action and terror.

About K M Aul

K M Aul is the best-selling author of the Senses Novels series. His first full-length novel, AURA was released in 2015 to critical acclaim. K M Aul has worked in diverse industries ranging from raw chemicals to consumer goods and has owned and operated businesses ranging from retail coffee stores to Karate Dojos. Having traveled North America, Europe, and Asia, KM has met people from every walk of life and in every circumstance. In the years and miles of travels, K M has learned that all people matter. K M currently lives on a small private lake in Georgia.

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