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Meet the Author Kenya Parks

There are those who look in the miror and see guilt,rejection,abuse,and betrayal.There are those who see the scars that this journey of life have left them with and don't have the understanding that the blood of Jesus washed away all of those imperfections.There are those who see themselves through the words of what other said,instead of believing what Jesus said. The purpose of SCARS is to inspire women to see themselves through the eays of our creator, Jesus Christ.

The book, Scars is to help women strengthen their confidance and walk boldly in the authority of who they are predestined to be through their relationship with Jesus Christ. Kenya Parks firmly believes and lives her life as an example that if you strengthen your confidance with Jesus Christ that you can succesfully recover from anything you face in life. Kenya found her purpose on the other side of her pain and learned. that, if you transform your thinking,then you will transform your life. take a journey with Kenya Parks as she shares lessons that she has learned throughout her own personal journey of coming back to the woman God created to be.

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